Technical Specification

  • Magnets: Alnico
  • Dimensions: 84mm x 17,5mm
  • 52mm magnet spacing
  • Screw thread #6-32 UNC
  • Material used: vulcanised fibre
  • Beveled magnets, flat stagger except higher D string magnet
  • Wax potted
  • Middle pickups are reverse wound, reverse polarity for hum cancelling
  • Pickup kit includes selected cover colour and screws

Strat single coils are produced since 50’s without mayor changes. But in Hathor Pickups we do some improvements. Major change is shape of pickup base. We discontinued using classic, trapezoid shaped base, replacing it with slim, rectangular base for compatibility reasons. Some guitars doesn’t have standard pickup cavity routing and standard market single coil pickups just does not fit there. This single coils can be also mounted in any direction and you don’t have to search for special left hand pickups. We use our magnet stagger with flat magnets, except one higher at D string. All magnets are hand beveled and magnetized in powerful electromagnet right before shipping. After wax potting, we secure each coil with special tape.


  • PLN 250.00zł
  • EUR 56.00€
  • USD $58.00

Production models

Magnet typeDCR (Ohms)Inductance (Henry)Description
Alnico 25,5k2,3H-Vintage output, underwound neck pickup for perfect clean tone.
Alnico 55,8k2,4H-Typical 60’s Strat tone, recommended for neck or middle. Fast attack, scooped mids.
Alnico 56,2k2,8H-Hotter variant of A5 single coil, can be used for a whole set or as bridge pickup with brighter neck single coil for balanced output.
Alnico 2+58,4k3H-Custom bridge model with boosted mids and softer attack as result of Alnico 2 magnets at G, B, E strings.
Alnico 511,9k4H-Hot output bridge model. Less high tones, even more mids and bass. Soft clean tone, but great for overdrive.
Custom-Choose magnets, wire, parameters and create your own model.