Technical Specification

  • Magnets: double Alnico bar
  • Standard P90 dimensions
  • Soapbar & dogear available
  • Material used: vulcanised fibre & PCB baseplate
  • 50 mm spacing
  • Adjustable pole-pieces
  • Wax potted
  • Quick connect wire
  • Colours: black, creme
  • Pickup kit includes cover and set of screws


  • PLN 550.00zł
  • EUR 121.00€
  • USD $128.00

Production models

Magnet typeDescription
6,9k5,3HAlnico 2Designed for neck position, to deliver smooth, but harmonic rich sound.
8,2k6,2HAlnico 5Based on classic, P90 archetype. Medium output single coil with dominance of mid range frequency.
10k6,8HAlnico 5A bit hotter variant for a darker tone and higher output.