Koffein MiniHB

Technical specification

TypeSingle coil sized humbucker
Spacing57mm long steel rails
Wiring4 conductor
Mounting screws#6-32 UNC


Noiseless solution for guitars equipped with regular single coils.

If you find single coils too bright, this medium/hot output miniHB would be a good choice. Nickel silver baseplate, double steel rail pole pieces covering all strings with uniform magnetic field. Four conductor wire allows any wiring configuration like series, parallel or splitting to single coil.

The package contains:

  • humbucker pickup
  • 2 mounting screws and tubes
  • pickup cover

Durable nickel-silver baseplate

Price of one pickup:

  • 330,00 PLN
  • $87.00 USD
  • 79,00 EUR

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Colours : black, creme, white.

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Sound samples