J90 – Humbucker size

Technical specification

TypeSingle coil
MagnetAlnico 2Alnico 5
Wiring2 conductor
Mounting screws #3-48 UNC


It looks similar to the most of P90 humbucker sized pickups, but the magnetic circuit is redesigned in order to minimize single coil noises. It is true single coil with 6 screw pole pieces, but there are additional 12 poles sensing string vibration under the cover. By default, it is closed in nickel-silver metal cover but it’s also available as non-covered. It have standard humbucker size and mounting screws spacing.

The package contains:

  • J90 pickup
  • 2 mounting screws
  • 2 conductor wire

Price of one pickup with nickel-silver cover:

  • 380,00 PLN
  • $100.00 USD
  • 91,00 EUR

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Colours: black with nickel-silver cover

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Sound samples