Technical Specification

  • PCB baseplate, gold plated solder pads
  • 50mm and 52mm spacing available
  • Replaceable mounting ears, #3-48 UNC thread
  • Dimensions, PCB only: 36,5mm x 68mm
  • Dimensions overall 36,5mm x 83,5mm
  • Solderless phase switching feature
  • Replaceable signal cable
  • Wax potted
  • Standard colours: black, creme, white, zebra, shiny or matt
  • Custom colours: orange, green, pink, violet, red, blue and more
  • Metal covers available, powder coating, engraving, relic

Design of Hathor humbuckers is a effect of years of evolution and experience. Before I started with my own pickups, I repaired lot of them and it was a great opportunity to learn how it’s made and to think how it can be improved.

Early 2019 I designed a PCB circuit, to be used as a replacement of standard nickel-silver baseplate. PCB baseplate got replaceable metal mounting ears and connector port for 4 conductor shielded wire. There are markings on PCB, which way it should be connected. Plugging it opposite direction, changes signal phase. This can be helpful when mixing pickups from different brands. Phase can be switched solderless.

Each coil in humbucker is equipped with 5mm thick pole piece rods. They can be customized. By default, they look just like classic humbucker, nickel colour, with one row of flat poles, and one row of adjustable flat screwdriver poles. Hex head, silver and black are available.


  • PLN 600.00zł
  • EUR 132.00€
  • USD $140.00

Production models

Model nameDCR (Ohm)Inductance (Henry)MagnetQuick description
Unicorn9,2k3,2H6x Alnico 5 rods + dummy coilNoiseless single coil tone
BGV10k3,1H12x Alnico 5 rodsFat single coil tone
Model 42 Jazz7,3k4,2HAlnico 2 barVintage inspired, low output
Model 42 Overwound8,4k5,1HAlnico 5 barVintage inspired, medium output
Juicer11,5k6,3HAlnico 5 barJuicy, hot vintage tone
Razorwire14,8k6HDouble thickness ceramicSharp, hi-gain, optimized for low tuning
8Bucker16,7k7,8HAlnico 8 barMidrange and output boost
MA Custom16,7k7,6HTriple ceramic8Bucker specs, more aggressive bass response

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