Tele Single Coils

Technical specification

NeckBridgeBridge Hot
TypeSingle coils
MagnetAlnico 5Alnico 5Alnico 2&5
Spacing 50mm55,6mm55,6mm
Wiring Vintage cloth wire
Mounting screws #6-32 UNC


Classic Hathor Tele single coils are made of black vulcanized fiberboard and Alnico 5 rod magnets. Neck pickup have nickel-silver cover and vintage cloth wires. Coil parameters are the vintage ones. It just sounds great and need no improvement. There are two variants of bridge pickup – Classic and Hot. Hot is overwound with AWG43 wire up to 8,5k. Magnets differs as well: Alnico 5 in Classic and Alnico 2 + Alnico 5 in Hot.

The package contains:

  • single coil pickup
  • screws + tubes

Price of covered neck pickup:

  • 250,00 PLN
  • $66.00 USD
  • 60,00 EUR

Price of bridge pickup with brass baseplate:

  • 250,00 PLN
  • $68.00 USD
  • 60,00 EUR

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Colours : Neck pickup have nickel-silver cover: raw, nickel or chrome plated. Bridge pickup is black with engraved logo.

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Sound samples – coming soon