Strat Single Coils

Technical specification

MagnetAlnico 2Alnico 5Alnico 2&5
Spacing 52mm
Wiring Vintage cloth wire
Mounting screws #6-32 UNC


In production since 50’s, without major changes – Strat single coils. Here is my recipe for a sweet, vintage sounding Strat guitar. Three specialized pickups:

Neck and middle wound the classic way, AWG42 winding wire with Alnico 2 and Alnico 5 beveled magnets. Neck pickup is underwound, middle is reverse wound and reverse polarity.

Bridge pickup differs a little, there are both Alnico 2 and Alnico 5 magnets at once and overwound AWG43 coil to get fatter sound. For all pickups magnets are flat, except the one for D string which is raised.

The package contains:

  • single coil pickup
  • 2 screws + tubes
  • pickup cover

Price of one pickup:

  • 160,00 PLN
  • $42.00 USD
  • 38,00 EUR

If you have got any questions, fell free to ask – contact us

Cover colours : black, creme, parchment, white, mint green. More colours or even metal covers are possible, but you have to ask for availability.

Sound samples