Technical specification

MagnetBig ceramic block
Spacing50 or F-Spaced 52mm
WiringReplaceable 4 conductor
Mounting screws#3-48 UNC


Razorwire, a hot output bridge pickup, powered by thick ceramic magnet. Made especially for high gain distortion tones.

PCB baseplates, read more

The package contains:

  • humbucker pickup
  • 2 mounting screws and springs
  • 4 conductor wire

Price of one pickup without cover:

  • 330,00 PLN
  • $87.00 USD
  • 79,00 EUR

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Colours: black, creme, white, zebra.

Nickel-silver covers: raw/relic, nickel, chrome, gold.

For more inspiring looks, go to our custom section.

Sound samples

Hathor Razorwire compared to DiMarzio Pandemonium