Technical specification

MagnetAlnico 5
Spacing50 or F-Spaced 52mm
WiringReplaceable 4 conductor
Mounting screws#3-48 UNC


This humbucker is dedicated specifically for the bridge position. Though not necessarily a high output pickup, it still has enough power to “squeeze the juice” out of your speaker.

When designing this model, our main goal was to build a higher output pickup, while still maintaining as much of the harmonics and bite of a vintage humbucker as possible.

In case of wire or mounting threads damage, they can be replaced with the new ones.

Available colours : black, creme, white, gloss or mat. For more, see „custom design” section.

Available metal covers : raw, nickel, chrome, gold. For more, e.g. relic, see „custom design” section.

Sound samples