Guitar Humbucker

Variety of colours and shapes

Hathor pickups are produced with highest care, using custom made parts

PCB Design

All six string, full sized humbuckers are made with PCB boards. I switched to PCB technology because of few advantages:

Detachable 4 conductor wire, which can be replaced with new if faulty. Wire connector can be plugged both ways, pickup will play perfectly, only thing will change is phase of signal. It can be helpful when pairing pickups from different producers. If you find out they are out of phase when playing together, there is no need to resolder: just flip connector and that’s all ! All connectors are gold plated.

My invention is new approach to design of baseplate. How many times you find the threads in mounting legs are drilled before, to allow pickup to be screwed to guitar body ? It’s possible to repair and make new threads. I do it from time to time, but why do it, if they can be just replaced ?

ALL metal parts of pickup are grounded. That improves noise to signal ratio. This is very important, especially when high gain overdrive is used.

There is one minor advantage, mainly for me : ) The thing I hate in humbuckers, is the wire mess under outer protection tape. It doesn’t exist here. Hope you like it !

First PCB baseplate prototype. Epoxy resin covered bobbin above.