Technical specification

MagnetAlnico 8
Spacing50 or F-Spaced 52mm
WiringReplaceable 4 conductor
Mounting screws#3-48 UNC


Most powerful humbucker in Hathor offer. Made especially for high gain overdrives. Is powered by rare Alnico 8 magnet and lots of AWG44 copper wire windings, deliver boosted midrange and soft trebles. It is dedicated for bridge position.

PCB design with replaceable mounting legs and 4 conductor wire

The package contains:

  • humbucker pickup
  • 2 mounting screws and springs
  • pre tinned 4 conductor wire


  • 300,00 PLN
  • $81.00 USD
  • 72,00 EUR

For shipping costs information, see „how to order” section.

Available colours : black, creme, white, gloss or mat. For more, see „custom design” section.

Available metal covers : raw, nickel, chrome, gold. For more, e.g. relic, see „custom design” section.

Sound samples